How to Take Care of Angora Cats Well and Correctly for Beginners

Angora Cat is the most popular type of cat in Indonesia. This cat has become popular in Indonesia because of the long beauty of its fur. Definitely animal lovers Cats have Angora cats. Although the price varies from the standard too expensive, there are still many people who buy it to maintain. This cat, when seen from the body and fur, must be the main attraction.

The thing to consider if you have this animal is about how to care for it. On this occasion, I will give tips and ways to care for Angora cats. The purpose of correct treatment is to keep the cat healthy, of course, the cat’s hair is well maintained. Indeed the price is expensive, as well as maintenance. In terms of food, utensils and necessities must have spent money.

To keep it healthy, I will give a few tips to keep the angora good. The tips I will give are my own experiences and friends when caring for cats. Also adapted to the environment where it maintains. Just look at the following explanation.

How to Take Care of Angora Cats for Beginners

  1. Feeding Cats

In feeding to cats, it may be anything, the important thing is that there is nutrition needed by cats. However, if you want to make an angora cat you do not quickly fall off the fur must be given cat-specific feed. If you are fed like a normal cat, chances are the feathers will fall off quickly, the usual feed I use is the amount of rice mixed with fish. For feed especially the angora cat is Dry Food and Wet Food. If you want to feed your cat, pay attention to the nutrients and nutrients contained. Choose those that have high nutritional content for cats. Well, don’t feel like … Read more

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